Come and get some!!!!

Hello everyone!
We have recorded 2 songs! Of course we want everybody to hear it, so have a listen on our BandPage.
If you want these nice tunes in your collection or want to support our cause (you know, world domination), you can buy them by clicking on the $ sign next to the song!
And finally, you can even get a shiny compact disc at our shows! More shows are coming, pinky swear.

Or just visit our Bandcamp

Getting the wrinkles out

Thnx to Trap af and everybody who took the time to come check us, Dirtbags and Emperors out.

Now all y’all are probably wondering: I thought these guys were going to the studio?
Well we did! And the recordings sound awesome!! Final mix will be done later this week, so keep your eyes and ears open!

More shit coming up, so stay tuned